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It's just a candy bar.

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This is the Chicago Hope community not safe for minors. If you're not comfortable with discussing how Billy/Danny is likely canon, go away!

Post whatever you'd like. Examples include fanfic, cast updates, DVD updates IF THERE EVER ARE ANY, amusing anecdotes about your TiVo's refusal to record pivotal episodes, and photographic evidence of Jayne Brook's very very shiny hair.

We fully support Jayne Brook's accent and your crush on Mandy Patinkin.

(note: Diane Grad is no sexual dynamo, but we ship for Billy/Diane!)

Why was I invited to join your strange strange sandbox?


1. Please be inappropriate. There is no one under the age of 18 who even remembers this show. We like NC-17 fic, especially slash. You know the drill.

2. Anything big behind a cut. Just don't leave any clamps behind when you sew it up.

3. This is a show about people who are total assholes. If you can't handle the snark, apparantly you can go here. They have niceness rules.

4. Tag your entries or we'll kick you to the curb. KThanksbye.

5. I secretly know when the DVDs are coming out and never plan on telling you. Neener.

Respect your mods, thatames and flouritephoenix. Damn right we're better than you!